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This film tackles the subject of how human beings tend to put masks on their real thoughts and emotions to fit in the society. Dual faces is a project that tells us that young people tend to let go of their dreams because of society’s pressure But, they must understand the consequences of their real emotions to get their goals.

The plot revolves around a recent trend of media industry, where getting fame for an artist is a matter of hours, while neglecting the old school traditions and norms. A singer has to submit his music video for audition. And he hasn't prepared for anything including music, lyrics and video till now. And the deadline is today.

The movie is about how we, the people force our own to abandon the concept of sanity and transform into social monsters, how by refusing one affection and compassion we twist them to the point where all light and sanity departs there bodies and mind , leaving behind only darkness and nothing good ever dwells in the darkness.


Zahid Abbas

Film Director

Salman Raza

Film Director

Naveed Raza

CEO at Naveed Enterprise

Mirza Usama Baig

Film Director
Production Manager

Yasir Shahani

Core Member NAP for Youth
Marketing Executive

Kamran Ashraf

Member Arts Council
Location Manager

Naveed Shams

CEO at Exo-Productions
Production Advisor